Are you ready to claim your voice and give yourself permission to sing?

As you discover the healing power of your own voice, you’ll develop the presence and self-love to live your highest life. Women are speaking up, rising up and singing a new song of feminine power. Here is a step by step way to free your voice to join in!

Ask yourself – do you ever:

Dream of singing with joy and confidence?

Find yourself holding back your true thoughts and feelings?

Criticize yourself for what you say or how you show up?

Get nervous or downright terrified about speaking up, especially in front of a group?

Welcome to Empower Your Voice!

This 8 week immersive online course will transform your experience of singing, speaking, and living from the heart. This rich and transformative course will shift the way you see yourself.

In this course you will learn to:

  • Access and express your truth in a way others can hear

  • Cultivate deep self-love and respect

  • Awaken your full potential for creative expression

  • Use your voice with ease and confidence

  • Increase your capacity for happiness and joy

  • Express yourself fully, learn how to turn down the ‘inner critic’, turn up the ‘why is it so easy?’ and step into the radiance of your authentic vocal power

  • Gain more mastery of your own voice

  • Use singing and chanting as part of your daily life practice

Module 1
Reclaim Your Natural Voice

Discover how to access your unique, authentic sound as you allow your body to remember how to breathe and express naturally.

Give yourself permission to sing by letting go of perfection and learning to ‘Bless the Sound’.

Learn Authentic Voice Activation (AVA) which is Julie’s unique embodiment practice that will change the way you are able to stay present as you speak or sing. This includes a breathing practice to calm your nervous system and support you to make your authentic sound. You’ll be practicing with other women to a special 10 minute Voice Activation video.

Learn to chant the Ganesh Mantra to help you move through any obstacles and create a beautiful blessing to start this new project.

Module 2
Singing Yourself Home

Connect with the parts of yourself that are holding your most difficult core beliefs about your voice and self-expression by listening daily to your first Audio Blueprint ‘Love & Accept Your Voice. This is a powerful tool to work at the subliminal levels to help you change your inner voice in ways that are sure to catalyze your growth and evolution.

Discover how to have an empowered relationship with your feelings and emotions by identifying and releasing the old messages from your ‘inner critic’ in order to avoid the pitfalls of where you’ve been stopped in life before now.

Learn easy warm-ups with Julie in short videos that you can then practice with audios. Find support and encouragement to create a short but powerful singing and chanting practice that will uplift your life. Experience how much easier it is to sing and chant when you fully shape each vowel sound and let the life force inside you out. Drop into your heart another beautiful chant called ‘Way of the Heart’ to assist you to access your heart’s deep wisdom.

Module 3
Your Body is Your Instrument

Experience the pure joy and energy of sound through dancing and singing as warm up with ‘Sing Your Body Open’. Discover how to let your whole body sing.

Explore the 3 ranges of your voice with simple and effective practices to move with ease and flow through your range while expanding your highs and lows. As you open your voice to parts of your range that have been unexpressed you open up parts of your being to be healed.

Understand the basic concepts of neuroplasticity, (the 'muscle building' part of the brain) to reinforce the practice of turning down the inner critic with the humorous and sage words blah blah, woof woof, and explore the inquiry – Why is it so easy?

Experience feeling music in your soul and rhythm in your body as we learn a hand drumming song.

Module 4
The Power of Intention

Embrace living life as a singer as you listen to new daily audio blueprint ‘Meet Your Inner Singer’. Experience a sense of safety and authentic confidence to shine your unique radiance brightly into the world

Learn vocal projection and how to fill up a room with your sound and your energy. Discover how having the right jaw position helps you to sing in tune.

Our song this week in an affirmation kind of song called ‘Ready for the World’. First, you’ll learn Julie’s words they have a track to create your own words. As you free your authentic voice, you can only become your authentic self and take your rightful place in the world.

Module 5
Singing for Healing and Abundance

All of life is vibration and now you’ll discover how to use your voice for healing, releasing emotions and creating a daily practice.

Experience how the multifaceted benefits of chanting can make you more compassionate, relieve stress, help open your mind and heart and help you feel more receptive and content. Mantras are believed to hold the power to resonate one’s body with the vibrations of the universe.

You’ll learn 2 powerful mantras this week ‘Medicine Buddha Healing Mantra’ and ‘Lakshmi Abundance Mantra’.

Module 6
Cultivating Confidence and Vibrato

Open yourself to expressing at a whole new level of Radiance with the 3rd and final Audio Blueprint ‘Freedom and Confidence’.

Learn new confidence-building warm-ups and a vocal energizer that will help you master your breathing while making a powerful sound.

Bring the pieces that you’ve learned together so far with an exploration on’ Cracking the Confidence Code’ and this week you have a beautiful new song to sing.

Learn how a radiant voice is different from a perfect voice and discover the freedom to express and embody your own unique radiance fully.

Module 7
Harmony, Improvising and Self- Love

Discover the source of your true value and fall deeply in love with yourself with a singing self-love meditation and a gorgeous chant ‘I Am the Love’. Imagine singing yourself full of love energy that penetrates deep into your cells and your soul.

Learn to hear and sing the intervals of music which will help you start to hear and sing harmony.

Let your rational mind let go as you learn to tap into your creative source to improvise and start to make up songs. Come to trust your inner guidance to play with sound and words and awaken to how life is happening through you rather than to you.

Module 8
Sharing Your Voice with the World

This is the week we celebrate sharing your voice with the world.

Learn how to make a song your own and how singing can transform your speaking voice into a voice that people want to listen to.

This is the week to pick a song you’ve learned to post - yes - you are brave enough and fully supported to do this. Never forget you’re magical with infinite possibilities to rewrite your story as you write and share your own fairytale on how you have found and reclaimed your voice.

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What Participants Are Saying

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Sandy Sayour

With the videos, audios and amazing hypnosis tracks, I felt like I was being guided through each step in a personal, loving way by Julie herself.

Sandy Sayour

With the videos, audios and amazing hypnosis tracks, I felt like I was being guided through each step in a personal, loving way by Julie herself. I now sing and chant everyday and with 2 young girls it helps me stay present and patient. I've noticed how much my voice has changed. I no longer need to get angry to be heard, I can access the power and authority inside me now and be heard. And the best part .... my girls are singing with me and it warms my heart!
Mona Leung

Being able to sing a song in front of others has been a dream of mine.

Mona Leung

When I started the first lesson with Julie I knew she would be the one to show me the way to do it. After doing the course with her, my life has changed. Not only do I feel more confident to sing, I now have all the tools to share my dreams and visions, and authentically express myself.
Charly Deakin

My voice has changed from the voice of a young girl to the voice of the powerful woman

Charly Deakin

Through Julie’s training, my voice has changed from the voice of a young girl to the voice of the powerful woman that I am. I asked for and got a promotion at work!
Chantal Gauvin

The audio blueprints alone are life-changing!

Chantal Gauvin

The more I listen to them the freer I am to express myself and the less my inner critic stops me. Before singing with Julie, I couldn’t even sing happy birthday, now I sing all the time!
Amy Color

Working with Julie helped me heal from a significant brain injury

Amy Color

As I chant and sing I’m not only recalibrating my brain but my being. I shed layers of shame and was able to gather the confidence to step out on stage to share my truth in a TedX.

Your Guide

  • Julie Blue

    Julie Blue

    Julie Blue is an accomplished singer and pianist, an award-winning film composer/recording artist and a uniquely transformational voice coach. She founded Singspiration Trainings in 1990, offering programs in sound healing, songwriting and performance, and the Singspiration Singers a 75-voice community choir. Julie received the 2015 YWCA Women of Distinction Award and has shared the stage with luminaries such as Eckhart Tolle, Marianne Williamson, and Neale Donald Walsh.

    She has pioneered innovative and effective methods to help thousands of people liberate their voices and express themselves with song. Blue has heard music in her head since she was a child, which combined with a life-long study of music, spiritual growth, and how to navigate life as an empath, has made her into a musical soul whisperer who shares her teachings and music with vulnerability, humor, and heart. Julie is passionate about inspiring women to liberate their authentic creative voices and find more confidence, peace, and joy through song, chant, ritual and being part of a dynamic supportive community.

Just to summarize, the total value of all of the elements of the 8 module course and bonuses is over $1,100

You Will Receive:

  • Access to Julie’s comprehensive online ‘Empower Your Voice’ video and audio series so you can practice at your own pace and unleash the authentic power of your voice.

  • Online Videos - 56 engaging, educational ten to fifteen-minute videos to guide you through the journey of liberating your voice in a clear step by step process. (Valued at $580)

  • Downloadable PDF Summaries of the video - each video has a written summary so you clearly understand the exercises and the instructions. (valued at $300)

  • Audio blueprints – 3 hypnosis audio tracks to create a positive mindset for yourself and release hidden blocks to expressing yourself with ease and authenticity. (Valued at $120)

  • Medicine Music Collection – 5 healing chants and mantras and how to use them for a spiritual practice. (Valued at $50)

  • Radiant Heart Collection – 4 easy to learn state-changing songs and how to use them to cultivate more joy. (Valued at $25)

  • Original artwork so you can see, understand and easily practice the exercises. (Valued at $45)

  • Membership to the official Empower Your Voice private Facebook group to share comments and experience with like-minded women from around the world. (Priceless)

  • Personal support from Julie and her team online, who will answer your questions and help keep you inspired and motivated. (Priceless)

  • Bonuses completing the course!

 TOTAL Value $1,180 

Launch Price: $397 

Today you can step into your Empowered Voice
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